Personalized service results in successful searches. Personalized service results in successful searches.
There’s no template. At Kreuzberger | Associates, we customize every search to the needs of our clients.

We offer two types of search services: Performance-Based Retained and Contingent.

Performance-Based Retained:
With a performance-based retained search engagement, our resources are fully dedicated to our clients' searches from beginning to end. We provide value-added information which, depending on the nature of the engagement and the needs of the client, may include: How the position, the firm, and the compensation range are perceived by the targeted community; a full report on the company’s culture and organization; and a complete package with comparative and specific evaluation of each candidate presented. We may also gather and report what we learn about competitors, including organizational structures and compensation plans, as well as other pertinent information gleaned through the research process. The status of our research is available to clients on a real-time basis.

Kreuzberger | Associates’ performance-based retained search agreements are far more flexible than the industry’s standard retained agreements. Furthermore, the boutique nature of our firm allows us to customize negotiated agreements to most effectively meet the needs of our clients.

Contingent Searches:
When flexibility is important, when the level of commitment provided with a performance-based retained search engagement is not required, or when a specific search dictates a non-exclusive commitment Kreuzberger | Associates offers contingent search services.